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Ch-airliner Disposable Seat Covers

With 750 Million passengers travelling through airplanes every year in the US, airplane seats will be exposed to germs and infections that may be carried by passengers. As per the standard airplane cleaning procedure, an airplane seats may be thoroughly cleaned only once every 6 months!

Ch-Airliners are disposable airplane seat covers that protect passengers from airplane seats that may carry germs and infections carried from previous use.

Ch-Airliners provide protection and safeguard against all such hygiene concerns that may arise during air travel. Easy to put on, Ch-Airliners are an ideal travel companion for the avid air traveler. These seat covers are made from high quality Polyester Microfiber that is spill proof and acts as a protective shield against germs and infections that may incubate on airplane seats.

Ch-Airliners are designed to be light weight and are very easy to put on. These can be easily slipped onto the standard airplane seat and can be taken off easily as well. They come in a handy recyclable packaging which makes them very portable and travel friendly. They can be easily packed in a carry on. It is not a problem for airlines because it is considered a personal item.

Ch-Airliners make an ideal companion for the hygiene conscious traveler and ensure protection from harmful diseases and infections that may be transmitted from germs carried by extensively used airplane seats.

With the convenience of providing comfort and hygiene at the same time, Ch-Airliner is an absolute must have for any air traveler.

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